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CapaJet Plays Essential Role in Pandemic, Crosses Milestone of 100,000 Repatriations



  • Luxury private jet provider CapaJet plays essential role in pandemic as a leading carrier in repatriations for Southeast Asia and Pacific 

  • Donates three million masks to Indonesia and Papua New Guinea; will continue partnerships with charities to further CSR efforts 

  • Plans to increase passenger capacity and launch new flight booking website to better serve repatriated passengers 


SINGAPORE, May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Luxury private jet provider CapaJet announced its brand key milestone of 100,000 repatriations, securing their position as a leading carrier for repatriations. Since they launched repatriations in April 2020, demand has been on an upward rise; it took only a year for CapaJet to hit its current repatriation numbers. This significant achievement coincided with the company's donation of three million masks to Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Beneficiaries include affected victims of recent floods in Sumba, east of Indonesia, and citizens of Papua New Guinea. CapaJet strives to play an essential role in the pandemic and intends to donate masks to more countries, as well as partner charities such as HOPE worldwide Indonesia to further their ongoing 



Mask donations facilitated by CapaJet ground staff as part of ongoing CSR efforts


Beneficiaries receiving CapaJet’s mask donations from HOPE worldwide Indonesia volunteers



During the pandemic, CapaJet worked closely with diplomatic missions and government institutions to repatriate stranded travellers from India, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Australia. While travel restrictions persist, the progressive formation of travel bubbles between countries have led to an increase in demand for charter flights, with private jet charters filling the gaps before scheduled flights resume.

To meet the growing demand for repatriations, CapaJet launched more flights and repatriation routes, which resulted in increased passenger bookings and traffic. This allowed CapaJet to offer highly competitive prices for the majority of their routes, with flight fares lower than some of the airlines in the market by nearly 30% to 35%. As such, CapaJet has witnessed a monthly average of 8% increase in repatriation passenger bookings since May 2020.

"In addition to being a private jet charter, CapaJet is now also an experienced operator in repatriation flights. We have soared above the aviation sector gloom with the successful expansion of our business and outreach to a wider pool of passengers. Unlike most airlines that operate on fluctuating ticket prices, we work with a fixed pricing system that allows passengers to make advance bookings based on the best rates available. Coupled with our unique repatriation routes and tailor made flight services that set us miles apart from other companies, CapaJet continues to be a leading carrier for charter flights and repatriations in the region. We hope to continue to do well and do good as the travel industry slowly reopens," said Mr Cheston Hong, Operations & Sales Manager, CapaJet.

In response to their outstanding performance, CapaJet plans to increase passenger capacity by 50% in the next 12 months. The carrier will also launch a revamped flight booking website that caters specifically to repatriation passengers. The website will consolidate all CapaJet repatriation flight schedules for convenient access, and feature a seamless and secure payment gateway. CapaJet intends to launch the new website later this month.

About CapaJet 

Luxury private jet provider CapaJet promises the ultimate bespoke travel experience to all its passengers. Strategically headquartered in Hong Kong, the heart of Asia, with offices in Delhi, Dubai and London, CapaJet is committed to delivering unparalleled levels of service, notably on-demand and customised private jet flights to all corners of the world on its ultra long range Bombardier Global jets. CapaJet also leverages an established network of sales and support offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Sydney to enable efficient, reliable and customer-focused support.

Onboard its fleet of aircraft, CapaJet guests are offered the fastest in-flight KA Band Wi-Fi, the finest Bernardaud silverware, luxurious Egyptian cotton linens, and carefully curated wine lists from a world-renowned sommelier. No detail is overlooked.

CapaJet prides themselves on its attention to detail, its fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft, offering guests the very best. At the core of CapaJet's philosophy is the belief that no desire is too extravagant, no request too difficult. True to this belief, CapaJet has further diversified its business to provide evacuation, repatriations and corporate flight solutions.


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